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Lenalee C. Borromeo Ed.D. Principal

Lenalee C. Borromeo Ed.D.

Welcome to PCU Kiddie Kollege Department

It is a Christian community having its vision and mission summarized in its core values – Faith, Character and Service – which guide the university’s internal conduct as well as its relationship with the external world.

With the university’s vision, mission and core values, the main purpose of education which is the training of the moral and intellectual faculties to cultivate, discipline and use them for the purpose of developing the whole person – spiritually, morally, intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically – to have satisfactory adjustment to his environment is envisioned. There is no real education apart from values or character development which is the great and real aim of education. So, Christian and values education which is one of the university’s programs, means academic formation!

Furthermore, we are honoured to say that we are excelling both in academic and sports activities and still we are striving to improve the quality of education and programs we have.

Cooley (2013) stated that “as parents make choices about their child’s education, quality education is about more than quality facilities and a great name, it is about instruction.”

Let us tread the path and work hand in hand as we carry on the ministry of educating our children, leading them to a bright future.

To God be the glory!

The Elementary School in Dasmariñas started in 1971 when parents in the UTS Campus and nearby places like IIRR, Pala-pala and Silang were looking for an exclusive school where they can send their children. This was made known to UTS authorities. In response the UTS President Dr. Emerito P. Nacpil opened a Kindergarten class headed by Mrs. Henie Camba and started the elementary school with only two teachers teaching in a multi-grade set-up. Miss Amelia Agustin taught the lower primary, first and second grade, while Mrs. Editha Gamboa handled the upper primary – third and fourth grades.

In the first few months, classes consisting of 60 enrollees where held at various places. Some here held at the veranda of the residence of the president of the seminary and other classes where held under the mango trees; and still others at the chapel called Sambahan sa Nayon. A school building was finally built from salvaged materials from a demolished UTS Dormitory in Taft Avenue Campus and financed by voluntary contributions raised by Dr. Emerito P. Nacpil who was also acting Director of the School.

On October 12, 1971 the schoold building was dedicated with Dr. Lino Q. Arquiza, President of PChC and Dr. Emerito P. Nacpil UTS President and Officer-In-Charge of the whole Dasmariñas Campus. On November 5, of the same year the UES and PChC College in Dasmariñas were jointly inaugurated.

In 1972 in its second year of operation two intermediate classes were added – fifth and sixth grades, completing the elementary grades. Four more teachers were hired: Miss Aida Dayrit, Miss Yolanda Agramon, Miss Teresita Carungcong and Mr. David Laudato. The first school OIC was Miss Amelia Agustin, followed by Miss Aida Dayrit, then Mrs. Luzonia Agulto in 1973, who was then the Assistant Principal of the Manila Elementary School and finally Mrs. Editha Gamboa took over as the Principal of the said school from 1975-1987.

During the early years with Dr. Emerito P. Nacpil as a founder and acting Director, UES enjoyed the full support and the cooperation of the parents who actively donated books for children’s library, and sent gifts to the school in cash and in kind. A feeding program through the family helper project with Mrs. Angelina R. Nacpil and Mrs. Susan Flavier was established. This subsidized the school expenses of many of the pupils.

Parents of the older batch generously contributed to the school. Among them were: Dr. and Mrs. Juan Flavier, Dr. and Mrs. Emerito P. Nacpil, and Dr. and Mrs. Aranguren, Mr. and Mrs. Romulo Kiamzon, etc.

In 1987 when Mrs. Gamboa left her post to render full-support to her husband who then became a bishop, Miss Calipay Lubang became the first Head Teacher of PCU-DISS Elementary. It was in this year PCU-DISS was established due to rapid expansion and development in almost all units in the University. Mrs. Eva M. Vidal was then the overseer of Kiddie Kollege.

In 1992, Miss Lubang left her office to pursue advanced religious education and Mrs. Teresita Carungcong-Enano was appointed Head Teacher of the elementary department with Dr. Carlito D. Garcia serving as the overall Director. Miss Elizabeth Retuta took over the overseeing of the Kiddie Kollege.

Former assistant director of Integrated Science School – Manila, Rev. Benoni E. Hernandez epitomizes the mission and vision the University exemplifies for 50 years. With his spiritual leadership combined with his wide background in Math and Science, the Christian ministry of ISS will be strengthened and the quest for academic excellence in the field of science and technology will continue to progress.

The struggle of the university for a genuine reform in the over-all programs of the Dasmariñas Integrated Science School was continued when Mrs. Julieta N. Griego was appointed director in June 2000. Mr. Bayani C. Barzaga became the head teacher of the elementary department.

Considerable changes occurred during school year 2001 – 2002. The former Integrated Science School composed of Kiddie Kollege, Elementary and High School under the supervision of one director was disintegrated and is now divided into two units with two designated principals. The name PCU – DISS became PCU – SES (Philippine Christian University – Science Elementary School). The Science Elementary School is now composed of the Kiddie Kollege and the Elementary School. The curriculum was designated to give opportunities for the pupils’ growth in Science and Technology.

With the new organizational set-up, Mrs. Noemi De Raya – Terrado, assumed the position of acting principal of SCIENCE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL and KIDDIE KOLLEGE from 2001 to 2003. Mrs. Marites D. Mercado took post as the acting principal starting S.Y. 2003 – 2004 to 2008 – 2009. In S.Y. 2009 – 2010, Professor Marites Mercado was appointed full pledged principal of PCU Kiddie Kollege and Elementary Department.

The Board of Trustees appointed Mrs. Raquel Violeta D. Rosano as the new principal of the Basic Education Unit – Kiddie Kollege, Elementary and High School Departments for the school year 2014 -2015 effective June 2014.

The PCU ELEMENTARY SCHOOL and KIDDIE KOLLEGE had truly gone a long way it had when it first opened in 1971. Today, it boasts of considerable increase in number of pupils and teachers, as well, thus fulfilling the dreams of the founders of the institution. Indeed, it is a legend turned into reality!

Elementary Department and Kiddie Kollege indeed are pride and big assets of Philippine Christian University as a whole.

Vision-Mission Statement
The Kiddie Kollege shall develop socially adjusted, emotionally stable, and mentally alert kids who are capable of managing their on level of learning.

  1. To foster and develop awareness of God as Creator and loving Father.
  2. To provide opportunities for the children to grow in appreciation of Jesus, the Greatest Teacher and Friend of little children.
  3. To open the children’s mind and help them enjoy their growing ability in learning new things.
  4. To enhance the children’s sensory, perceptual and fine motor skills;
  5. To help mold the children’s interpersonal skills necessary for effective interaction with peers and adults
  6. To guide the children in achieving personal autonomy enabling the child to manage themselves
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