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Dean's Message
Jennifer Raquion Ph.D

Jennifer Raquion Ph.D.
Acting Dean

Welcome to Philippine Christian University. These are extremely exciting times for us, and as Dean, I am very proud to invite you to explore our Christian-inspired, innovative, and nationally ranked education and business programs presented on these web pages. Whether you are a prospective student seeking an excellent place to learn and grow, an alumnus wishing to reconnect with your business school, an employer seeking outstanding candidates for internships and career positions, or a community supporter of our Christian mission to develop future leaders in this fast changing world, I believe you will find much in these pages that will inform and inspire you.

As Dean of CBT, I am continually impressed and inspired by the positive contributions of our students, faculty and alumni. Our graduates have integrated, applied, and added to their higher education to bring economic, social, and environmental improvements to communities across the globe. Our students are bringing opportunities to local and global communities through projects/business that address financial literacy, sustainability, success skills, business ethics, market economics, and more.

The world has faced particularly difficult economic challenges in the past few years, but for people who are willing to apply creativity and an entrepreneurial mindset to societal problems. These uncertain times also present opportunities. At PCU, we prepare students to recognize and seize these opportunities. We help them develop the talents and skills necessary for them to face and devise solutions for the challenges of our day.

As educators, we want our students to graduate with the skills and competencies for them to thrive in any situation or economy—and, better yet, to be part of creating more stable and enduring business and educational models. We are essentially transforming the College of Business and Technology to meet the challenging demands of a global community. It’s an exciting time to be a part of this program. Join us!

Thank you for spending time with us.

God bless PCU more!

The College of Business and Technology started with the program Bachelor of Business Administration for the school year 1973-1974 with the leadership of Dr. Emerito Nakpil as Officer-in-charge. For the school year 1980-1981 Bachelor of Science in Accountancy was opened with fifteen students (15) officially enrolled under the dynamic leadership of Dr. Oscar Tayco as the Dean of Colleges. Enrollment of Bachelor of Business Administration increases every school year. In the year 1989-1990 Computer Science was being opened with six (6) students enrolled and after this school year it increases to forty-eight (48) students under the leadership of Prof. Cecilia Sison. After Dean Sison term, Dr.Greg Melchor C. de Lara was appointed as the Dean of Colleges. Administrative Building (near Salakot Hall) was being use that time of all courses. The enrollment shows very well for these enumerated courses/programs and to become competitive to the market demand the university decided to open Information Technology for the school year 2004-2005 with twenty-six (26) students officially enrolled. Then, for the school year 2002-2003 Hotel and Restaurant Management and Associate Programs were being offered, these are Associate in Hotel & Restaurant Management and Associate in Computer Technology. The College of Business and Technology continuously shine through board passers (CPA) and continuously leaded by Dr. Epifania Anfone, Dr. Ester Dela Cruz and Dr. Revelino D. Garcia. At present the Dr. Teresita C. Arnaldo is the Dean of Colleges leading College of Arts, Sciences and Teachers Education and College of Business and Technology. This school year 2012-2013CBT has five hundred ninety-six students officially enrolled. Praise God for blessing CBT more.



  • A Christian leader, research-oriented, community-centered and driven with passion for quality


    As a Christian leader, CBT commits itself to:

  • Be virtuous and distinguished in business and technology and continuing education;
  • Be research oriented, highly proficient in research based methodology;
  • Be community-centered, socially and environmentally responsible; and,
  • Be driven with passion for academic excellence, a community of scholars and learners.


The Vision of the University as a distinguished academic institution nationally and internationally gives meaning and substance to a comprehensive strategic agenda for the College of Business and Technology.

The “strategic agenda” reinvents it to becoming a great national college, resourced in new ways and with the confidence to re-think its role and destiny in ambitious national and international terms.

    To meet its “strategic agenda” CBT, endeavors to:

  • To attract, support and add value to outstanding people;
  • To advance its reputation and performance as a major research and training center for continuing education;
  • To create and maintain a teaching and learning environment offering quality programs;
  • To advance its internationalization;
  • To achieve continuous quality improvement in its academic management and administration;
  • To invest aesthetic value, amenity and high levels of functional utility to promote academic enterprise of high standards; and,
  • To seek alternative resource base to enable it to be competitive.

Admission Requirements:

The Philippine Christian University welcomes all students who meet its academic standards and are willing to abide by the rules and regulations of the University. The University sets guidelines and policies to ensure that it accepts only those applicants who are potentially capable of gaining benefit from a Christian Institution.

Guidelines for Admission:
  • First Priority. Highly recommended for admission. He or she passed all the tests taken
  • Second Priority. Recommended for admission. He or she passed at least one of the tests taken
  • For Advisement. The dean decides the admission. He or she failed all the tests taken.

Admission Policies

  1. Admission of Incoming Freshmen

    A freshmen student who wishes to enrol in college for a specific degree program for the first time must meet the following general qualifications: a high school graduate of a secondary school approved by the Department of Education and/or a recipient of a DepEd issued high school equivalency diploma.

    All enrolling freshmen must accomplish Student Information Sheet from the Guidance and Counselling Office and must submit the following requirements to the Registrar’s Office:

    • A Certificate of Good Moral Character (Principal)
    • Form 138 (High School Card)
    • For foreign students, an admission fee paid to the Accounting Office
    • Form 137 (Official High School Transcript) sent to PCU Registrar’s Office upon request)
    • College Entrance Test (CET) scores or results from the Guidance and Counseling Office
    • Four (4) copies of 2×2 ID picture
    • Proof of residency, e.g. Barangay Clearance

    Graduates of PCU High School are exempted from taking the CET except for BS Nursing applicants.

  2. Admission of Transferees

    A transfer applicant should pass the CET, accomplish Student Information Sheet from the Guidance and Counselling Office and submit all the requirements as specified by the Registrar’s Office. The requirements for transferees are the following:

    • Certificate of transfer credential (honorable dismissal)
    • Certificate of good moral character
    • Transcript of Records
    • Four (4) copies of 2×2 ID pictures
  3. Admission of Foreign Student

    A foreign student must submit the following to qualify for admission:
    1. 9 (f) student visa. Requirements for securing the visa are (Photocopied in triplicate except #a)

    1. Five(5) copies of original personal history statement duly accomplished and signed by the applicant in English and in his national language, with a personal seal, if any, with original photos and original left and right hand thumbprints affixed thereat:
    2. Transcript of records/scholastic records (original and photocopy), duly authenticated by the Philippine Embassy or Consulate in the country of origin or residence;
    3. A notarized affidavit of support with a bank statement or any proof of adequate financial support to cover expenses for the student’s accommodation and subsistence, as well as school dues and other incidental expenses, duly authenticated by the Philippine Embassy or Consulate in the country of origin. Father’s certification that he is responsible for his son/daughter’s expenses while in the Philippines;
    4. Photocopy of birth certificate and/or passport, pages where name, photo, birth date, birth place appear;
    5. Certificate of good moral character from the principal of school or head of the institution last attended;
    6. Original and photocopy of the notice of acceptance (NOA) from the school containing a clear impression of the school’s official dry seal; and
    7. Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) and Certificate of Residence for Temporary Student (CRTS) upon enrolment.
Academic Programs

Bachelor of Science in Accountancy

The Bachelor of Science in Accountancy program aims to develop certfied public accountants with excellent knowledge, skills and values, who are able to perform effectively in a variety of multi-national and multi-culltural work environments. The course of study includes rigorous training in financial and cost accounting, auditing, management, economics and taxation. It also includes extensive exposures in management and accounting informatics, work apprenticeships and business immersions. To be accredited as Certified Public Accountant (CPA), graduates of this course are required to pass the CPA Licensure Examination conducted by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC).

Brochure |Curriculum | Application Form | Assessment Form

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

(Management, Marketing, Microfinance and Accounting)

The BSBA Marketing program aims to deliver comprehensive knowledge of marketing principles and practice, develop analytical ability to make strategic marketing decisions, and enhance managerial skills that can bring marketing plans to fruition. The program also improves human capacity for critical thinking, problem solving, interpersonal communication, quantitative analysis and automatiion of critial business processes.The program includes such courses such as: the rationale for marketing decisions and the application of managerial functions to the analysis of marketing problems and opportunities; developing marketing strategies; planning marketing programs, selecting the appropriate marketing mix; and organizing, implementing, and controlling marketing efforts. It explores marketing as a comprehensive system to guide decision-making related to products and services. The needs and influences of the business, customer and competitors are all examined as they create a dynamic environment for marketing.

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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Brochure |Curriculum | Application Form | Assessment Form

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT) program trains professionals who are competent in the development, maintenance and administration of management information systems, applications software and hardware.The course of study provides broad experience in the development of office support (word processing, spreadsheet, data base and accounting), communications (intra-net and internet), and specialized professional software (multi-media, web site development and e-commerce).

Graduates are qualified to become:
- Applications Developer
- Database Administrator
- Entrepreneur in IT Industry
- Information Security Administrator
- Information Technology Instructor
- Network Administrator
- Network Engineer Systems Analyst
- Technical Support Specialist
- Test Engineer
- Web Administrator / Web Master
- Web Developer

Graduates and even students of this program can gain the following certificates after passing the skills certification tests conducted by the Technical Education and Skills Development authority (TESDA):
- Programming NC-IV
- Graphics Design NC-III
- Animation (3D Digital) NC-II

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Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management

The Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management curriculum entail various principles, concepts, and activities that will hone the knowledge and skills of the students in the hospitality industry. It provides learning of managerial functions and practical applications in different aspects in the industry such as food service procedures, culinary arts, hotel operations, and hospitality education, which will eventually mold the students into proficient hoteliers and restaurateurs in the future.Even while studying, students can gain the skills competence certificates below after passing the skills certification tests conducted by the Technical Education and Skills Development authority (TESDA). These skills certifications are their passports for employment in specialized hotel and restaurant operations even though they have not yet completed the 4-year degree course.
- Certificate in Food and Beverage Services NC-I, II, III, IV
- Certificate in Food Processing NC-I, II, III, IV
- Certificate in Baking and Pastry NC-II
- Certificate in Commercial Cooking NC-I, II, III, IV
- Certificate in Bartending NC-II
- Certificate in Housekeeping NC-II, III, IV
- Certificate in Front Office NC-II
- Certificate in Event Management NC-III

Brochure |Curriculum | Application Form | Assessment Form

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

Program Description
Brochure |Curriculum | Application Form | Assessment Form

Associate in Computer Technology

The Associate in Computer Technology program provides solid fundamentals in office and professional applications of computer software and hardware. It is a 2-year diploma program leading to the 4-year BSIS, BSIT and BSCS programs. The ACT course of study covers the first two years of the BSIS, BSIT and BSCS programs.The course of study includes the teaching of different programming languages, web development, database development, and networking using advanced computer systems to solve business and information system problems.Graduates are qualified to become:
- Computer Operator
- Application Programmer
- Programmer-Analyst
- Network Manager
- Network Administrator
- Application Specialist
- Web Specialist

Graduates can gain the following certificates after passing the skills certification tests conducted by the Technical Education and Skills Development authority (TESDA):
- PC Operation rogramming NC-II
- Hardware Servicing NC-II

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Associate in Hotel and Restaurant Management

Program Description
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Full-Time Faculty

Hotel & Restaurant Management

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Business Administration


Business Administration

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Non-Teaching Staff

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