Welcome to PCU Junior High Department

It is a Christian community having its vision and mission summarized in its core values – Faith, Character and Service – which guide the university’s internal conduct as well as its relationship with the external world.

With the university’s vision, mission and core values, the main purpose of education which is the training of the moral and intellectual faculties to cultivate, discipline and use them for the purpose of developing the whole person – spiritually, morally, intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically – to have satisfactory adjustment to his environment is envisioned. There is no real education apart from values or character development which is the great and real aim of education. So, Christian and values education which is one of the university’s programs, means academic formation!

Furthermore, we are honoured to say that we are excelling both in academic and sports activities and still we are striving to improve the quality of education and programs we have.

Cooley (2013) stated that “as parents make choices about their child’s education, quality education is about more than quality facilities and a great name, it is about instruction.”

Let us tread the path and work hand in hand as we carry on the ministry of educating our children, leading them to a bright future.