These Grade 12 students munch their favorite snack and sip their preferred drinks while reading their notes during the exam break. They seemed to have discovered the tried-and-tested formula that optimizes brainpower of students—sufficient review plus a satisfying snack.

The intellectual prowess of students of PCU-D were truly challenged during the second week of March; but they all have survived. “They say that grades don’t define your success but it defines you, whether you are a student or just a student who takes exams for granted,” honor student Gem Agustin (middle) said.

(Photo and text by Dannielle M. Salinas)



Four HUMSS 12 students, all glammed up for the graduation pictorial, posed once again in front of the lens to show off their fixed hairs, blushing cheeks, and their beautiful smiles.

Last March 18, graduation pictorial sessions for Senior High School students commenced with a team of make-up artists ensuring that the students were camera-ready.

“Ga-graduate na ako!” Joyce Fernandez (rightmost) declared with delight as soon as the photo was taken.

(Photo and text by Dannielle M. Salinas)

engkwento pcu

‘Engkwentro’ concert a resounding hit

Fun and excitement filled the air around the grounds of the Elementary School Department (ESD) of the Philippine Christian University-Dasmarinas Campus last March 21 when a concert entitled, “Engkwentro: Generation Z Meets the OPM Legends,” was held to the delight of 1,500 members of the university community.

Students, faculty and alumni as, as well as their relatives and guests, parently enjoyed the musical night as they sang along and swayed in rhythm with the songs belted out by performers.

The concert became virtually a social gathering that brought the PCU-D community closer, thanks to music. Regina Monsanto, a Grade 11 student from STEM strand, and Mark Louis Ranola from HUMMS strand, hosted the event. Pavill Ambas, a Grade 12 Sports student, provided the comic relief by showcasing his talents in spoken poetry, singing and dancing. The highlights of this concert were the awesome performances of the impressive VEAM Dance Company and a local rock band from Grade 11, “I Belong,” whose energetic rendition sent chills to everyone’s spine.

The Grade 12 band, “Ethell’s Angels X Satire Syndicate,” kept the stage simmering with their own type of rock music. Then there’s the “Fa-cool-ti” band, which showed off awesome voices and talents in playing different kinds of musical instruments. Everyone was serenaded with Pinoy folk songs of Lolita Carbon with the legendary band “Asin.” Their sometimes haunting melody and lyrics suggested loneliness and longing as part of life under the oppressive regime of the late President Ferdinand Marcos. Asin was the first band to incorporate Filipino indigenous instruments into pop or rock music.

The band called “This Band” brought the house down and touched the sentimental side of the listeners with its songs about heartbreaks. The crowd showed their “Tatakbo, tatalon, sisigaw ang pangalan mo” energy during its performance. “I have nothing but a grateful heart to everyone who is instrumental in making ‘Engkwentro’ concert a reality,” graduating ABM student Jemimah Cayabyab said, referring to the first-ever concert in the PCU-Dasma Campus. “Thank you for making me experience this kind of event before I graduate.”

By Marie Antoinette D. Obrador

pcu elem students

Baking Pastry Step-By-Step

Kyla Mae De Luna and Valerie Cabe of Grade V Hebrews of the Philippine Christian University (PCU) – Dasmariñas Campus explain to their classmates how to frost cupcakes. This is one of their activities in English wherein they need to present a step-by-step procedure in accomplishing an activity using transitional devices. “To enumerate and execute the steps chronologically, you need to use transitional words like ‘first’, ‘then’, ‘next’, and ‘finally’,” explained Mrs. Rosalina Sumagui, an English teacher. (Photo and text by Rosalina Sumagui)

pcu elem students

Zumba Kids

The Kiddie Kollege children, together with the elementary pupils, apparently enjoy dancing Zumba as they smilingly sway and stretch their arms out during the Friday Fitness Frenzy Zumba Dance Program held at the new gymnasium on March 8, 2019. Aside from leading the Zumba Exercise, Sir Ronald Cabalit, Zumba master, teaches the kids the Wellness Dance, which they will be performing a week before the Sports Fest. “Kids must have healthy body and mind before the intramurals begin,” said Dr. Lenalee C. Borromeo, principal of the Elementary School Department. (Photo and text by Rosalina Sumagui)

pcu dasma basic ed

Fit and Healthy

Elementary pupils of Philippine Christian University (PCU) – Dasmarinas Campus do calisthenics as a daily routine to help them maintain flexibility and ensure they will have the physical energy throughout the day. Isometric exercises have become a required activity for the students since the first part of the month to prepare themselves for the upcoming Sports Fest ’19 that will be held on March 18-21, 2019. The pupils perform the Wellness Dance as part of their morning routine. “It is always good to be fit, active and healthy,” said Mrs. Maricar Ramos, a teacher of Music, Arts Physical Education and Health (MAPEH). (Photo and text by Rosalina Sumagui)



Believing that two or more heads are better than one, Elementary School Department (ESD) principal Dr. Lenalee C. Borromeo (center) and the officers of ESD’s Parents-Teachers Association (PTA) discuss and evaluate ideas in order to come up with exciting activities for the upcoming Family Day this month of March. The PTA is spearheading the event, which happens every year after Sports Fest when parents have a chance to bond together with their children and other families. Earlier this month, last March 8, the PTA also hosted the Friday Fitness Frenzy. “This event is a red-letter day for the family for in this day, they worship, pray, play, laugh, and eat together,” said Mrs. Victoria Ayala, president of the PTA. (Photo and text by Rosalina Sumagui)


Connecting… Believing

Participants of Leadership Training Seminar (LTS) share their thoughts to one another on how leaders should connect with people. Also among the 20 students of Philippine Christian University (PCU) – Dasmariñas Campus who attended the LTS were: information technology students Hershey T. Aquino, Mark Louie Camomot, and Reychen Notarte; AB students Dhyrell Mercader and Angelo Bautista; BA student and University Student Government (USG) president Paolo Capisonda; and education student Jay Magda. The seminar was held recently in Alta Rios, Indang, Cavite. “Leaders will always have connection issues that can undermine their leadership,” said Juan Diether Angelo B. Bautista. “What we do is to connect with God and trust in Him wholeheartedly. We can do anything through Him.” (Photos & text by Juan Diether Angelo B. Bautista)

pcu aerobics

Friday Fitness Frenzy

Mr. Arnold Cabalig, dance coach of the Philippine Christian University – Elementary School Department (PCU-ESD) together with Mrs. Melanie Mendoza, Club Moderator of the Elementary Dance Troupe, lead students, parents and teachers as they groove to the music during the Zumba session held on March 8, 2019, Friday, from 7:30 to 10 in the morning at the PCU gymnasium. This activity is intended for young members of the new generation as well as the young-at-heart to raise awareness on the importance of aerobics to stay fit and healthy. “Umpisa pa lang ‘to pero ang galing! Hindi matutumbasan ang taas ng energy ng mga bata pati yung mga parents at ng buong PCU,” Mr. Cabalig said excitedly. (Photo and text by Mark Anthony Malunes)

PCU Dasamarinas

Soon-To-Be Teachers

Junior High School teacher Leyah Babalcon briefs practice teachers belonging to the College of Education of the Philippine Christian University—Dasmariñas Campus (PCU-Dasma) before allowing them to observe an actual class for one hour. The soon-to-be teachers majoring in Music, Arts, Physical Education and Health (MAPEH) majors have been busy lately preparing for their practice teaching. “Learning takes place where teaching is,” Babalcon said. “Teachers have to enjoy each day and take it as an opportunity to learn.” (Photo and Text by Gerald Armington)