Christian Chronicle

Promotion and Development of Campus Press (Section 2, rule 2, Campus Journalism Act, 1991, or Republic Act 7099)

It is the declared policy of the State to uphold and protect the freedom of the press even at the campus level and promote the development and growth of campus journalism as a means of strengthening ethical values, encouraging critical and creative thinking, and developing moral character and personal discipline of the Filipino youth. In furtherance of this policy, the State shall undertake various programs and projects aimed at improving the journalistic skills of students concerned and promoting responsible and free journalism.

It is therefore, the duty of all officials of the Department of Education (DepED), the school/college/university heads, campus paper teachers/advisers, and the personnel involved in the campus journalism programs and projects in the elementary, secondary and tertiary levels of education to support and promote the campus journalism programs, policies and objectives as under Republic Act 7079 and existing laws embodied as principles in the constitution.

The Christian Chronicle shall be governed by these principles and policies as maybe promulgated by the Editorial Board in accordance with the existing laws of the republic.

 Mission and Vision

We, the editors and staff of Christian Chronicle, are a body that shall serve as the independent newspaper of the students of Philippine Christian University – Dasmariñas City, which embodies the ideals, interests and concerns of the entire academic community, defend and assert the students’ welfare and rights and of peoples’, uphold the standards and ethics of journalist, and recognize our role for a nationalist, democratic and scientific ideals..

List of Officers

Chester Kyle Menguiz

Kriselda Castel

Maria Niña Angela Dilag

Ambvryl Lascano

Ferdie Anne Pagcaliwangan

Jans Allan Gabriel Concha

Marvic Israel Mendoza

Marc Froilan Padernos

Marc Froilan Padernos

Prof. Christian S. Castillo, LPT, MA.Ed.


First Semester

        06: Christian Chronicle’s recruitment
        19: Completion of accreditation papers
        26: Online bulletin
        09: Promotion of Christian Chronicle’s via online
        19: Seminar and Webinars
      TBA: NRYLI
        07: Seminars and Webinars
        14: Christmas Party
        11: Second wave of Recruitment
        25: Seminars and Webinars

Second Semester

          8: Agenda: Magazine
          8: Start to collect, proofreading and finalizing the magazine content
        13: Submit the magazine to the printing press
        15: Releasing of Magazine
        29: Team Building
        17: World Press Freedom Day