Education Society

We, the Education Society, a Student Academic Organization affiliated with the College of Arts, Science, and Teacher Education Department, is a collective of people with the interest in pursuing the Education degree and shall be the teachers of Tomorrow. We uphold our rights to cater all Education students within Campus, promote and conduct trainings, seminars and workshops in the area of teaching and personal development.



We, the Education Society shall strive for excellence in pursuing the rights, interest, and welfare in the academic community.
We shall promote and conduct training programs, seminars, and workshops that will help the students in the area of teaching and personal development.
We shall extend our best effort in helping each other in finding the path of success and unity. Participate in every educational related event.


Our vision is to work together in developing and enhancing our intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual well – being of the members. We shall promote and enhance the awareness of the students in the acquisition of knowledge and skills in teaching.

List of Officers

Garcia, Mark Joshua R.

Internal: Montoya, Chezka Marie T.
External: Salen, Lethe Marie Kathreen Y.

Verga, Ma. Rafaela C.

Barroso, Maureen Laine M.

Bonto, Masidel M

Aurellano, Jasmin B.

Juangco, Patricia Mae D.

Quiwan, Erica


       30: General Assembly for First Semester
       01-03: College Week
       23: EDSO Day
       04-08: Halloween Week (Film Showing)
       18: Showcase of Talents
       10: Christmas Party
       14: Outreach Program
       20: General Assembly for Second Semester
       15: Post Valentines Party
      20: EDSO Day
      20: Outreach 
      12-16: Intramurals
      19: Outreach