Share Ko Lang Council


Develop a truthful and powerful meaning of sharing.

Create an extraordinary bond of friendship inside the said organization.

To give life lessons, motivations of their Life story experiences.

Be an advocate of anti-toxicity advocacies inside and outside of the University.

Spread the Love and Equality inside the University.

Be Open to all members in the said organization.


The Share Ko Lang Council is an Independent life sharing and management organization. SKLC is a variety of multi – interest organization that cooperates with other organizations of the University with prudence in promoting a common cause and other matters that concerns the students in building their own vision, creating their own anti-toxic advocacies, building their own management someday and rebuilding their faith, character and service in everyday life.


It aims to enlighten one’s individual through sharing the ups and downs of life that shows life is not perfect. Through this; the members could be strengthened, inspired, and enlightened and let life really be all about.

List of Officers

Joy M. Adolfo

Juan Diether Angelo B. Bautista

Aira Adriano

Anne Marie Joie S. Del Rosario

Jillian Faith Aquino

Ngukuran Verun

Dr. Emeliza E. Cosio

Rev. Noel P. Adriano