Our Vision

                                        A distinctive Christian University integrating faith, character and service, transforming global Learners for enlightenment, leadership                                                     and human development in the 21st century.

Our Mission

Philippine Christian University was established to provide an education that is university in caliber, Christian in philosophy and global in perspective

Our Goals

Synthesize the teaching of spirituality, religion and the sciences;

Inculcate critical and innovative thinking, technological fluency and multi-cultural skills;

Provide flexible and innovative programs using online and blended learning methods that comply with international standards for quality education and professional licensure;

Offer career choices and pathways through a network of transnational institutions, professional organizations and linkages;

Develop responsible leaders and citizens in the global community.

Our Core Values


We shall demonstrate and promote authentic Spiritual Living through the

(a) the experience of being “born again”, (b) the practice of basic Christian disciplines, and (c) the living-out of sacred values.

Work Ethics

We shall sustain and develop a self-governing, self-sustaining, proactive and harmonious learning organization” that is

(a) Theologically Proficient and    (b) Professionally Competent; that continually strengthens its covenanting relationship with its churches.

Concern for Humanity

We shall encourage Prophetic Leadership which

(a) listens to the cries of the suffering people, and (b) raise the voice that demands justice, righteousness, and hope.