Computer Engineering Society

Computer and Engineering Society

The Computer and Engineering Society was formed to promote academic proficiency  in Computer Technology, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, and Computer Engineering students of Philippine Christian University – Dasmariñas Campus; to develop among its members an understanding and advancement of their courses at this organization; and to help in building and enhancing the relationships between the members under this organization and the institute.

 Mission and Vision

  The Computer and Engineering Society believes that: 

            a) Every type of Computer and Engineering Education is essential on the growth of the society and its economy;               
b) Excellence and knowledge on the field of computer, technology and engineering allows greater count of opportunities;
c) Teamwork of the organization members make a better community and society;
d) Any type of addiction, drugs, hazing is dangerous to one’s health or inhuman. Thus, shall not be tolerated.
e) Bullying shall not be practiced around Philippine Christian University – Dasmariñas Campus and the organization itself. 

  The Organization aims: 

            a) To create engaging and effective learning experience that can be a help to their courses.
b) To support the society by using technology.
c) Prepare the students to be safe, responsible and innovative digital citizens.
d) To involve members to an academically enriching experience that will enhance their intellectual ability, sportsmanship and showmanship. 

            e) To uphold dignity and integrity of the genuine Information Technology, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering in Philippine Christian University – Dasmariñas Campus and in the country.
f) To foster fellowship, unity, loyalty, honesty and camaraderie among members.
g) To coordinate with other school organizations in worthwhile activities.
h) To encourage love to God, country, and Philippine Christian University – Dasmariñas Campus among members. 

            i) To help the members in molding their talents, realize their potentials and use them in productive and helpful way.  

List of Officers

Jeanne Marie B. Obiacoro

Internal: Quennie Margarette B. Ibañez 
External: Rovic B. Lasala 

Delfin Luffgar M. Anciro

Aubrey U. Catalan

Dannalyn V. Cabiladas

  • 1st year Representative: Johniel Rigor Diaz
  • 2nd year Representative: Kyle Ma. Therese D. Ramirez 
  • 3rd year Representative: Eddie Boy Reyes  


Reishel Nica S. Arnedo

  • 1st year Committee: Ruzzel B. Caceres 
  • 2nd year Committee: Andrhia T. Campaña 
  • 3rd year Committee: John Raphael C. Santarin 

Kathleen Kate B. Hintog

Kim Darius Eliezr D. Garcia