The Psychology Society is composed of all students in the Psychology course of the Philippine Christian University Dasmarinas Cavite, in pursuing their rights, interest and welfare to the school authorities and other department in the academic community.


To provide educational peers, psychological training, professional support and leadership that relates to the core values of the University – Faith, Character and Services and engage responsibility that uphold needs of every member of Psychology Society.


Psychology Society is an organization that amplify voices through psychological services and empower roles in Psychology in providing excellence and christianity to contribute their best to the University.


  • Psychology Society renounces hostile disobedience as an instrument in pursuit of its interest and goals and shall abide with the existing policies of the Philippine Christian University dasmarinas, Cavite.
  • Psychology Society shall cooperate with other organization of the university with prudence, in promoting a common cause and other matter that concerns the studentry.
  • Acquisition of knowledge, skills and sound learning experiences will be the top priority of all its members.


  • Psychology Society shall strive for the development of intellectual, social and spiritual well-being of the members.
  • Our organization shall enhance the awareness of the students to their responsibilities, proper norms of conduct and important role to perform for the advancement of knowledge and learning.
  • Psychology Society shall help develop the competencies of the campus student leaders and ordinary students by providing the means in the area of adolescent psychology and educational and career guidance.

List of Officers

Christine Mae M. Mangahas

Jan Mariz L. Vargas

Jaimie Loraine S. Villaflor

Gian Paula G. Gonzaga

Carl Joseph P. Olimpiada

Jochebed Danielle A. Lapena

1st year P.R.O:   Chaste Marie B. Clarito

2nd year P.R.O:  Beltran, Leane Joyce E. (TM)   

3rd year P.R.O:  Christian Irvin S. Rasco

1st year Representative:  Reiniel Panganiban

2nd year Representative:  Uriel L. Revesencio

3rd year P.R.O Representative: Meriam L. Requiso


        18-21: Psychology Day

    • “Sikolohiyang K-mustahan” Online forum exclusive for Psychology student via Zoom meeting App
    • Psychology Quiz bee
    • Tiktok Video Competition
    • Poster & Slogan making contest via Online

            17: Webinar “Raising Mental Health Awareness”
                   All CASTE Students